a little hitch in our giddy-up


It's been a season of learning and one could even say we've made a few mistakes. I know, I was shocked too. We underestimated the amount of time it would take to get card designs finalized and sent to the printer, proofs approved, and the cards printed and delivered. Turns out... our Christmas collection will be a little last minute. We're targeting that "oops, I haven't mailed out Christmas cards yet. Oh well, I'll make them holiday cards" market. Lesson learned. My mom did always say that I was one to learn my lessons the hard way. Got it, ma. Start early. We did, however, make some awesome custom Christmas cards at the last minute and we plan to make many, many more next year. If you need any other type of custom cards for your business, let us know. We had a ton of fun with those and they turned out really well!

More good news, our wildflower cards are in and they look amazing! But you can't have them yet. Sorry. We're going to set them free a little closer to Valentine's Day, after the Christmas rush is over. We're learning to think ahead just a bit further. Besides, patience is good for the sole.

So stay tuned... those graphics I keep posting on social media are coming very soon. I'll let you know as soon as their in stock.

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