Getting Close!

So, we’re getting close to being up and running! We put in our first real order, 2500 greeting cards in total. Yikes! That was scary. And thanks to our new editor, and my former English teacher, we’ve already found a few mistakes large enough to justify a re-order. Argh! But I figure if that’s the worst thing that happens today, it’s a good day. Right?

I’m wondering what is going to be the biggest challenge to making Crawford Sisters Cards successful. The greeting card industry is competitive, for sure, but the market is huge; an eight billion dollar industry. So how do we get our cards out there? Do we market online? Go to small shops? How and when can we approach larger chains about carrying our cards? These are all the questions we’ve been asking ourselves. Our current plan is to promote the cards online as much as possible and start with local stores in the Denver and foothills region. Once we establish a customer base and achieve some consistent sales, we can reach out to bigger stores. But if you have any tips, we’re all ears!

In addition to marketing, there are a lot of logistics to consider. It all sounded so simple when we started. Draw pictures, write poems, print cards, sell cards. But then we had to set up an LLC, get a bank account, get a Tax ID number, apply for a sales tax license, set up our studio, create a webpage. And then how will we accept payments? How do we calculate tax? How do we calculate shipping costs? But that’s what I love about the process. Life here at Crawford Sisters Cards is different every day, and every day we get closer to the goal.

If you have a small business too, we’d love for you send us a link in the comments and we’ll check it out.

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