I'll admit, we're not the most tech savvy company. I mean, hey, we sell paper greeting cards. They're super cute and fun but you can't send through the interwebs, they're not Alexa enabled, and you can't order Uber Eats on them. So anyway, if you're a little more tech savvy than us, and if you sell things online, you probably already know about mockups. But if you don't, you definitely want to learn! 'Cause I didn't know. But now I do.

Here's the deal. I just switched out all our card graphics with pictures that look like actual pictures of our cards. But here's the amazing part... they're not actually pictures of our cards. They're mockups from For $20, I bought a picture of blank white greeting cards that you can open in Photoshop and there's a template where you insert your own graphic and voila... you have a picture of your own greeting card. And they have them for everything. People are so smart and creative; it baffles me every day. And... the mockups come with a little instructional PDF that explains exactly how to use them. It's super easy; just cut and paste.

Here's what they look like...

So, now you know about mockups and I bet you feel much smarter!

As always, thanks to everyone who reads our posts and helps us promote our business.


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