OMG Starting a Business is Hard!

We've been busy here at Crawford Sisters Cards. We've been brainstorming new ways to get our name out there into the big wide world of greeting card sales and there are a few things we realized along the way.

First of all, neither of us has ANY contacts in our new industry. Had we opened a law firm, I would have lots of numbers in my phone to call when we run into trouble. Similarly, if we had opened a salon, Svea could have called one of her many contacts in the industry. But no! We decided to try a brand spanking new industry! We're like little tiny baby seedlings emerging into the world of print and wholesale marketing. Wow. That was over-the-top cheesy.

Second, neither of us has a background is sales or marketing and that is probably the most important step in our journey so far. Making cards is the easy part. And, for the record, I have not had a single moment to make greeting cards in the last week. I had to do real work! We've been busy stuffing mailers full of free samples for family and friends and anyone else willing to help us spread the word via social media.

Third, starting a business during a pandemic adds an additional set of challenges. For instance, we were getting all geared up for some trade shows where we were excited to make contacts and show off our cards to some retailers. Nope. Cancelled due to Covid. So... is there a digital equivalent to the trade show? Or do we do it the old fashioned way and just go store to store? We're thinking both. The Crawford Sisters will attack from all angles! We're going to pepper the universe with cute cow-themed greeting cards to brighten your day. Fierce, I know.

Here's Svea stuffing the boxes we sent out to potential retailers...

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