the Covid line...

Wow, this was a tough one! There are so many different opinions about Covid 19, we didn’t know where to start! But here’s our mission:

We don’t care whether you’re Democrat or Republican. In fact, we don’t care about your politics at all. We try our best to judge people on our personal experiences with them, not on their political beliefs, race, gender, clothing, tattoo choices or hairstyle. Well, Svea was a hair dresser so she might judge you on your hair, but I won’t. I promise. Anyway, we don’t care what you believe in or why, we still care about you. So, no matter what you’re thinking about this crazy pandemic, we all share some of the same experiences. We’ve all been subject to “Stay at Home” and “Safer at Home” orders. We’ve all had to wear a mask at some point or another. We’ve all been worried about our loved ones, especially those who fall into the “high risk” category. And we’ve all suffered the lonely side-effects of social distancing. So, these cards are meant to be fun and uplifting cards to send out to friends and family members, just to check in and brighten someone’s day.

Let us know if you like them, we can make more… lots more!

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