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We started a greeting card company! My sister and I, that is. We are the Crawford sisters and now we are Crawford Sisters Card Co., LLC. We have an LLC, a tax ID number, a bank account, a website, a studio, and A LOT of new greeting card designs… and, we’re really excited! This is the most fun job either of us has ever had.

Speaking of jobs, Svea and I have very different work backgrounds. Svea has always been a great artist but she has worked as a hair dresser for the last 20 years. When she wasn’t cutting hair, Svea was renovating houses, refurbishing old furniture, making up new crafts, painting, drawing, gardening, and making homemade soaps and lotion… definitely the hippy, artsy type.

I, on the other hand, had a harder time deciding on a direction. In my younger years, I cleaned carpets, delivered pizza, worked in a small gift shop, landscaped, built fence, and bussed tables. I skied moguls on the US Ski Team. I got an undergraduate degree in business from Colorado State University. I’ve worked for the Farm Credit Association as a bank auditor. I worked for a small trucking company in Steamboat Springs. I was a ski coach for a short time. I got a law degree from the University of Denver and worked for a small law firm doing transactional business law. I worked for a shoe company called Pakems. I did a fellowship where I helped a professor write a law review article on privity in estate planning malpractice. I almost opened a gym. I was a stay at home mom. I lived in Costa Rica for a few months. I was a cop in Aurora, CO. I went back to being an attorney and worked in family law. And now… I have a greeting card company with my big sis! Might seem a little random, but there is a method to the madness. I’ll explain…

Since I was nine years old, I have been making homemade birthday cards, Mother’s Day cards, and Father’s Day cards for my parents. I made them for both of my parents every year, almost without fail, since the age of nine. Every card contained an original poem and a picture of some sort. They always made my mom smile and my dad cry. Dad was a bit on the sappy side. Anyway, Svea and I have kicked around the idea of going into business together for the past 5 or 6 years, and we’ve had lots of ideas… greeting cards, rental houses, craft shops, bulk grocery stores, owning and managing a salon, travel blogging, etc., but we always came back to greeting cards. It was such a simple idea. Svea draws the pictures and I write the poems. But still, we never pulled the trigger. There are so many greeting card companies. Could we really compete?

Then our dad died in 2016, and our mom died a few years later in 2019. I made memorial videos for each of them and I made memorial cards with an original poem on the back. At my mom’s “End of Life Party”, I scrolled the poem on the screen at the end of the memorial video. Right after the video played, a family friend came up to me and asked if I wrote the poem. I said I did and he asked me why I was wasting my time working as attorney if I could write like that. It got me thinking. I started dreaming of a life where I actually liked my job. It was the first time anyone outside of my immediate family ever suggested I could make a living writing. Of course, hardly anyone outside of my immediate family even knew I liked to write! But still, it stuck with me. And I started to think maybe this could actually work.

I was living with my sister at the time and we sat down at the dining room table one night and started making greeting cards. I think we made ten in one night. It was so easy. The words just came to me and Svea can draw anything. I kept asking things like, “can you draw a grandma cow holding a pie?” or “Can you draw a cow stuck in a tree?” And Svea would be like, “uh… maybe?” And then she would totally do it, and they looked great. So we finally pulled the trigger. We just kept making cards in our spare time. We kept planning and creating during the Stay at Home and Safer at Home orders, but I had no child care so it was tough to get much done. Then, when my son went back to school, we decided it was time to really dedicate our time to our business. Svea quit cutting hair and I decided not to go back to work as an attorney. We rented a small office space, turned it into our studio, and here we are…

Wish us luck!

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