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As women, our friendships are some of the most important relationships we have, and it's so important to let those people know how much you care.  Often times our best relationships aren't with those who are just like us, but rather with those who bring us balance; the yin to your yang.  So grab this birthday card for those special friends you just can't live without.  

The Western Line - We were country when country wasn't cool.  But, now it is, so we might as well embrace it.  Crank up your local country station, slip your shoes off, and dance around the kitchen, 'cause no matter where you grew up, we all have a little country in us.  This entire line is printed on 100% recycled paper and packaged in compostable plastic sleeves, so you'll feel great about sending out these laugh-out-loud country greetings.

- 5X7 inch greeting card with matching white envelope

- Hand drawn, designed, and editted by the Crawford Sisters (Svea and Lauren)

- Printed on premium, 100% recycled paper at Smatrpress, Inc.

- Colorado based company

- Women owned company

- Made in the USA