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The Western Line is unique, versatile and sure to make you smile.  Printed on 100% recycled paper, and packaged in compostable plastic sleeves, you'll feel great about sending out these spunky little gems. 

Want to know how tough women really are?  Go visit a ranch.  I bet you find that mama out there working right along with the men.  In fact, on and off the ranch, that's become the norm.  A woman's worth is no longer about her clothes, her shoes, or her pretty hair.  She's out there changing the world, every day.  

Snag this great Western card for a birthday, friendship card, or anytime one of the women in your life needs a reminder of just how tough she really is.  Get creative.  That's what makes this Western Line so much fun!

- 5X7 inch greeting card with matching white envelope

- Hand drawn, designed, and editted by the Crawford Sisters (Svea and Lauren)

- Printed on premium, 100% recycled paper at Smatrpress, Inc.

- Colorado based company

- Women owned company

- Made in the USA